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I've been working on a new set up for prints. You can now get bigger prints, posters, canvas prints and t-shirts.



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The New Mary-El Sketch Tarot Deck Packages! 

I had a lot of ideas while working on the Mary-el Tarot over the years but I kept telling myself to focus on the task at hand, there would be time to do those later.   Later is finally here and I've decided to start working on a series of tarots that are fun, or interesting, or specialized, or whatever else catches my fancy.  I am now ready to offer for pre-order the first in this series which is a deck made out of the sketches for the Mary-el Tarot.  I find them interesting because they show a bit of a progression and journey themselves, from the very rough early sketches to the highly rendered sketches for the last set of paintings.  A lot of them had a lot more information than what ended up in the final paintings, different subtle figures and ideas - so, I thought I would like to see it as a deck and maybe other people would too, plus its a nice platform to begin discussing different ideas around the Mary-el.   There are some cards in this you won't find in the Mary-el, I lost the original sketches for the 4 of Cups and the 4 of Wands but I had a previous version which everyone liked so I've included those.  The Tower never had an original sketch since I just sat down and did it alla prima in one day (mostly out of fear ha!) so what I did was use some older sketches of Towers I had done.   Likewise, the 7 of Cups was done alla prima, but I had some previous ideas for it and one of those sketches were used. 

What I am going to do is make a limited number of them, 78, which I go through and do some hand coloring so they are unique. The uncolored ones will be limited to 250.  Also to go along with the theme, with one of the packages you will get one of the original sketches, whichever one you choose.  First come first serve! 

See more pictures and order below!





There are 2 packages:


  • Package I   $350.00
    • An original sketch from the Mary-el Sketches Tarot, of your choice.
    • A customized handmade deck with hand colored cards and/or accents in an arrangement unique to this deck.
    • Signed and numbered.
    • Book, bag, and box.
    • Only 78 of these will be made.
  • Package II  $150.00 
    • A handmade to order Mary-el Sketches Tarot. 
    • Signed and numbered.
    • Book, bag, and box.
    • Only 250 of these will be made.


I hope you are as excited about these decks as I am!  I'm really looking forward to the next few I have planned in this series too!!





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